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The Treatment

What We Do


ILLUMINATION: Cleans and rebalances your chakras; releases toxins and negative patterns from your aura; releases accumulated negative energy from your luminous energy field.
SOUL RETRIEVAL: Explores the four chambers of your soul; retrieves soul parts lost in trauma; rewrites or removes a negative soul contract with Spirit.
SEVEN CHAKRA ILLUMINATION: Backwashes each chakra to detach entities and to deep clean heavy hoocha from each chakra.

Repeat from above for monthly cleaning.

Treatments are available by telephone from any distance anywhere in the world.

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GodSpirits United is here to help you achieve your goals. We work with you in person or long distance by telephone. We begin with an intake interview to discover what your problem is and what you want to change. Every treatment cleans your energy at ever-deeper levels.

In a Spiritual Reading, you blow your energy into a stone (kuya) and receive an answer to the most difficult question in your life. This reading is performed by communicating with the four archetypes (organizing principles of the universe), Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle, who view circumstances at ever higher levels through the chakras. Ask any question that you want answered. All treatments include Spiritual Counseling. A reading is done at any distance.

$100 or Free with a treatment.


Enjoy a relaxing release of toxic energy from the luminous energy field (aura) that surrounds your physical body. The Illumination releases your negative patterns caused by trauma throughout time and space and frees you to handle your life minus the heavy emotions that you have been dragging along through many lifetimes.

Sludge is removed from the chakras using air, feathers and hand motions. Re-balancing the chakras clears away the energy loops that make you susceptible to malignant physical and emotional conditions, erases imprints of disease before they can manifest, and brings about healing at the blueprint level of your being. Crystals are used to extract invading energies or entities. Rips or tears in the luminous energy field are detected and repaired. Your aura needs cleaning monthly to keep it in prime operating condition. This treatment is done at any distance.

Approximately 1 hour – $100


Ask a deep question of an archangel who guards the four chambers of your soul. Recover splintered-off soul parts of yourself lost during times of trauma or pain. Discover the source of an original wounding. Rewrite outdated soul contracts or remove a negative soul contract completely. Release a generational or family curse. Receive tools and gifts from Spirit to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Open a channel for a loved one to communicate with you. Invading entities in any soul chamber are extracted with crystals. This treatment can heal deep wounds from past lives that still haunt you. This reading is recorded and the CD is mailed to you for deeper study.

Approximately 1½ – 2 hours – $150


Asking the characters or objects that appeared in your Soul Retrieval why they were there and what they have to teach you allows the answers, which are buried deeply in your own mind, to reveal themselves to you. This process can heal deep wounds from past lives. The Sacred Drama is done immediately following the Soul Retrieval.

Approximately 30 minutes – Free with a Soul Retrieval


Each chakra is backwashed individually to release heavy hoocha (thick emotions) and sludge that have collected over time. This treatment has the ability to release the invisible red hot negative energy that causes cancers and tumors.

A surgeon leaves this negative energy in your body during surgery because it is invisible, but it can be released with energy treatments. For Alzheimer’s patients, the Seven Chakra Illumination releases the accumulation of negative energy that prevents the natural passage of the person’s soul back to Spirit. Disembodied entities that have attached to your physical body are extracted with crystals. Sometimes you will hear an invading entity speak through your mouth as it is being released from your body. Loving relatives who have attached to your body are extracted in a crystal and then sent to the spiritual level of our ancestors escorted by angels. This treatment can be done at any distance.

Approximately 1 hour – $150


The shaman will locate and communicate with your deceased loved one in the Hanak Pacha and bring his or her energy into the body of a volunteer surrogate. You can communicate with your loved one by asking questions to investigate a murder or explore life after death. For deceased relatives who are found at the lower levels of ascension, the shaman can take them to a higher level on the return. This reading can be recorded.

Approximately 1½ – 2 hours – $150


Soon after the last breath, the Great Death Rites are performed. The chakras are backwashed to loosen the energy body from the physical body. Once the energy body has been lifted and sent to the Light, the chakras are sealed so intruding entities can no longer invade the body left behind. For the dying person, this treatment can alleviate the fear of death. For a living person, it allows you to experience spirit flight free of the physical body.

Approximately 1 hour – $100


You are guided to create a Sand Painting to help you think through your current problems and create a positive alternative as the outcome. Seeing the problem resolved to your liking in a visible form helps it manifest in your life experience.

Approximately 1 hour – $100 – Free with an Illumination


A prayer bundle is filled with gifts, prayers and tokens representing the intentions you wish to manifest and then burned in a fire ceremony or buried in a river as an offering of gratitude to Spirit.

Written directions sent on request


1) Negative Energies can be fluid (mobile) or crystallized (stationery). They may appear as darts, arrows, spears, knives, bullets or other psychic forms embedded in your luminous energy field like petrified wood. Have you ever felt stabbed in the back by someone? These thought forms may have been mentally thrown at you from a distance by a scorned lover, an angry relative or unconsciously self-inflicted and can cause a lot of pain in your physical body. A shaman is able to “see” and remove these invisible embedded attachments from your luminous energy field to relieve your physical pain.

2) Entities, such as disembodied spirits of others, may attach themselves to your physical body when they die. It can be a loving relative or someone you never knew. If you have open portals in the luminous skin of your aura, these disembodied spirits can attach by floating into your mental space where your words, dreams, thoughts and visions form. The negative emotions and addictions of the entity come along with them and can greatly disturb your mental peace. Hating yourself, using drugs (including prescription) and drinking alcoholic beverages can open portals in your auric skin. Loving yourself and making better choices can close these open portals. People who suffer from Alzheimer’s, depression, alcoholism and drug addiction have been invaded by entities from lack of self-love. Disembodied spirits sometimes cord themselves to a living body and come in now and then to feed on the person’s energy. Self-love prevents entities from attaching to a living body in any manner. Self-love also heals addictions.

3) Evil Spirits are demons who live in inner mental spirit space. They can invade the auric field of anyone who has open portals in the luminous skin of their aura. Self-hatred, drinking alcoholic beverages or using any kind of drugs can open portals. Demons have the ability to possess our thoughts and to control our speech and behaviors. Your death is their goal, and they succeed in killing millions of us each year with wars, murders, suicides and accidents. They create mental torment in your mind; then you wonder why you have to drink alcohol or use drugs to find any mental peace. As they gain control of your physical body by possession of your thoughts, they cause intense physical pain and disruption in your life and relationships. The more you hate yourself, drink or use drugs, the more mentally ill you become. Evil Spirits can be removed by crystal extractions during a Soul Retrieval, but they will come back into your auric field as long as your portals are open. Loving yourself is the only way to bring about permanent healing. Loving yourself fills your mental space with Light. Evil Spirits cannot live in the Light, so they will leave your mental space, and you will be well.