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Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A.

Helping You Heal​


  1. I’m writing to thank you so much. Working with you, for my daughter and myself, after years of counseling therapy, has been the most effective thing I have ever done to help my daughter. Life is much more pleasant at home. The energy is lighter for both of us. She is ready to face challenges in her life and resolve problems rather than running away, and her father and I are calmer and more at peace in our relationships with her. The work you do is simply amazing.
    Margaret, Caring Mother
  2. I enjoyed the enriching environment of your home on the web (www.GodSpiritsUnited.com.) You are a creative spirit whose life and work touch more people than you realize. I found your pages to be a genuine portrait of your gifts. Thank you for sharing who you are as doing so awakens the spirit and inspires the soul. Know that you are respected and appreciated. I wish you a profound awakening to enlightenment where all your dreams come true.
    Micheal Teal, The Ancient One
  3. My left shoulder released the rest of its “stuff” while I was on your table. WOW! Thank you. I went to work this week and reminded my miserable depressed suicidal patients that they had to truly care for and treat themselves as well as they would their pet, parent, child. Wonderful presentation. Meant a lot to me.
    Eva, Care Nurse, Sacred Heart Hospital
  4. Thank you for all the healing you’ve helped me with. Know that you’ve changed my life, helped me to love myself more and given me strength. I am very grateful for every workshop you have offered, and everything I have learned from you. You have a wealth of wisdom that you generously share. I wish you the very best in all you do as a healer in this world.
    Sunny, Webmaster
  5. I have worked with Nancy for many years. She is a great spiritual healer. She knows what it takes to heal permanently from a chronic problem as well as provide a short-term relief to the client. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to address a chronic or so-called incurable issue. She can help you diagnose the root cause of the problem. She helps heal from within unlike the modern-day treatment which suppresses the symptoms.
    Hemal Mehta, Computer Systems Expert, U.S. Defense, Texas USA
  6. I will never stop thanking you for everything you have done for my family, especially my children. For the moment, I can only ask God to watch over you and bless you much while I wait and find the opportunity to meet you personally and when that happens I do not want to leave you. Really! I love you very much. May God continue to bless you forever!
    Lupe, Caring Mother, California USA
  7. Nancy is incredibly insightful and skillful at discovering and resolving those deep and often long-standing issues and blocks within us. Her treatments allowed me to move forward and start fully living again after I was stuck for 8 years of grieving after the devastating loss of a loved one. I trust her totally and recommend her highly. My quality of life was completely transformed, and I’m now a happy, optimistic person embracing the life I was meant to live!
    Pam McLellan, www.WorkWithPam.com, Oregon USA