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About Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A.

Nancy is an energy healer and spiritual teacher. She is the founder of GodSpirits United, LLC, a company formed to help people recover from medically incurable illnesses. She teaches that at the essential level we are each made of Light Energy that can be controlled by learning to monitor our feelings. The specific words you think regulate and control specific organs in your body. Through workshops, webinars and teleseminars, she teaches you how to discover and reverse your negative attitudes to make positive changes in your health.

When she realized that her understanding of how Jesus moved energy was the key to healing medically incurable illness, she asked Spirit to let her serve. She healed her son Michael of congenital glaucoma, which the doctors said could not be medically healed. She healed herself when her left leg bone disconnected from her hip shortly after the suicide death of her son Jeffrey. She realized she felt so disconnected from her son who had died, that her bones separated in response to her intense feelings of separation. By consciously thinking, “Nothing can separate me from the love of God,” her bones reconnected perfectly.

Nancy is a graduate of The Four Winds Society, the world’s most extensive professional training in energy healing and shamanism, founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. She was trained as a Spiritual Teacher by the Eschatology Foundation in Los Angeles. She has completed advanced training in Theta Healing, and was recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for excellence in energy medicine. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Music Theory and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Piano Performance. She is Nationally Certified as a Teacher of Piano.

Chapter 1 from my new book, Miracles Master the Art.

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